May 2010

Nothing attracts the opposite sex or the objects of your desire like confidence. And, this shirt, embodies complete confidence in self. You are telling everybody that walks by, “You like this.” You don’t even have a choice. You can’t even help yourself. You desire this package. It gets a little weird when you go to gramma’s for the Memorial Day family gathering, but Like can be morph into a less aggressive, less on the prowl sort of concept, so you shouldn’t have a problem in any context.

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It’s the good old classic TWSS now at Nerdy Shirts as well. You cannot go wrong with this shirt because it is a guaranteed funny in any and all occasions. You left in to melt in the sun. That’s what she said. You bought the wrong one. That’s what she said. You stink like a dying rhino. That’s what she said. Your candy is too expensive. That’s what she said. That airplane is flying low. That’s what she said. Turn on the AC. That’s what she said. If that proud imbecile Sarah Palin becomes President I’ll move to Siberia. That’s what she said.

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Joe Biden is part live wire and part douche nozzle. Most politicians are the latter but the former…it depends. If you call bowing to the whims of Big Pharma and, generally, making it worse for most American’s because health care will be mandatory, then yes Joe, “this is a big fucking deal.”

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Hey. PAC-MAN is 30 and you should celebrate by wearing Pacman shirts for the next 13 months. Non-stop. It’s only right if you respect the groundbreaking game. The OG of video games.

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Three questions:

How come this shirt doesn’t say I survived Lost and all I got was this lousy tshirt.?That’s more funny than this one and, let me tell you, this one is funny, what with all the crazy mind fuck shenanigans those Lost creators pulled.

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What better time to highlight this shirt than the 30th anniversary of this classic video game. PAC-MAN is an institution and a cultural icon. You know it’s important when Google makes their first interactive doodle celebrating this special milestone for the game.

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The amp in This is Spinal Tap goes to 11, because it’s that bad ass. But, you know what? That movie was in 1984. 26 years ago. It’s time to take it to even a higher level. Are you with me on this? Can you feel it? If so, then you definitely need to rock the This One Goes to 12 Volume Knob T-shirt.

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You see from 2002 to 2008 HBO aired a gritty cop drama set in Baltimore called The Wire. It’s all about the war on drugs, and it’s supposedly totally realistic. And, my friends watch it and can sprinkle tough guy street language and drug references into our everyday conversations, and I just stop and say “damn” maing you been doin’ some hard life livin’. But, then I remember they just park they asses on the couch and watch the box set.

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Celebrate the go getters, who sacrifice health, well-being, relationships, and possibly even sanity to get ahead in the competitive world. Annie Adderall is the poster child for psychostimulants, proving once again the ADHD is not a disease of disfunction, rather a reminder that there’s tons of shit to see and do in this life.

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In most metropolitan areas, there’s a rich vein of local artists that have no idea how to market themselves, nor how much their work is worth. A sharp entrepreneur with an eye for artistic talent or at least connections to people with an eye for hot shit can make a pretty penny teaming up with the locals.

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Here’s a very possible short scene highlighting the evils of the Devil Weed.

Glaucoma Patient: Doc…I think it’s working.
Doc: Why even come back to me if you think IT is working. You know how I feel about this.
Glaucoma Patient: Come on Doc, I was scared of losing my site, and I’d heard cannabis could help.
Doc: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better.
Glaucoma Patient: I am. I really am, but I still wanted a professional opinion on where I’m at.
Doc: Fine. Fine. Just remember I told you marijuana has possible side effects.
Glaucoma Patient: I know. I know. Gateway drug. Lung issues. I’ll take the risk.
Doc: I was thinking more of the mental issues, like acute paranoia.
Glaucoma Patient: I’m fine. I feel good.
Doc: All right. All right. Cover your right eye. Read the chart. Start from the top.

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Snug Life Tshirt

by on May 20, 2010

Another absolutely beautiful shirt. Snuggies, cornrows, sunglasses, flashing westside. This is a classic shirt. This gangsta is a bad ass but is also a conneisuer of comfort and convenience, which is why he’s wearing the velour bathrobe backwards. You know that gangster ain’t strugglin’ while in his chilly crib reading that Jane Austen book recommended by Oprah. He’s toasty despite keepin’ it real with the thermostat of 61 de-grees. Wait, is that Michael Beasley? I thought he lived in Miami. Must be that cool evening ocean air.

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