January 2010

Let us take a moment and celebrate on of the classics: Revenge of the Nerds. In particular, one of the classic characters in fine film: Booger. He proudly wears this beautiful tee, which, along with Bluto’s College Tee in Animal House, may have been the catalyst to the massive funny tee shirt culture we enjoy today. This was ground breaking shit.

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Sometimes the intelligencia takes itself a little too seriously and likes to create the artificial barrier of knowledge to separate themselves from the common folk. This is why I applaud this shirt that has taken the time to explain what all that latin goobledegook means in English.

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I find the quick and biting humor, like a shiv to the abdomen, very satisfying. We have all the I heart stuff. And then all the knock offs with the transitive pictograph verbalizations…it gets a little much. It may be a little overplayed. Nonetheless, this is certainly a fresh take, because you are asserting your authority, your greatness, your superiority over all that come in your path.

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Sex Equals Fun Tshirt

by on January 28, 2010

Um, I guess in you fall in the camp diametrically opposed to the Vaselines Sex Sux, then you’ll raise your fist in the air and say “yeah” to this positive sentiments about sex. Finally, vindication for those that have secretly thought sex kicked ass but never felt like making a stand amidst all the haters. Now, math has come in and simply PROVED it. Sex = Fun. Let me write that arithmetic equation another way Sex Equals Fun.

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Great styling with the gradient orangish swoosh accentuating the geeky nerds 2 squared ever messaging. If you even slightly align yourself with the nerdist revolution, you’ll probably want to get the best, most clear banner stating you belong, which is this awesome shirt.

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Update: Reader Courtney tells reminds me that this is Bruce Campbell’s famous line in Army of Darkness. I did not know this and it takes a man to admit when he’s clueless. Right? It’s just that the image and line work so well together without the movie reference that I didn’t bother thinking beyond what was showing.

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I like this shirt and I highly recommend that you do the same. I like the play on words, ‘cuz I tell you, I was expecting “my middle name,” but whammo, it dropped “mother’s middle name,” and I was hooked on the lively misdirection.

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Team Conan Tshirt

by on January 24, 2010

Who gives a shit? Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien. Who’s the bad guy? Who dissed who? Is NBC dead? Did NBC cook this whole controversy up? Is Conan going to Fox? It’s late night network TV…it’s dead. No one cares.
Anyways, the two funniest things I can think of about these two guys aside from the oversized pompadour and the oversized chin is Jay’s denim out-on-the-town wardrope and Conan falling on his ass in some cooked  race with Desperate Housewives actor, Teri Hatcher. Now, that’s good stuff.

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First, if you watch American Idol I don’t know what to say, in fact, I’m not going to say it because maybe some of the visitors to this blog are big fans of the systematic destruction of original and professional music in this world.

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Sad but true. What with the school districts cutting the physical education budget. Video game caves taking the place of the great outdoors, and the widespread smoking epidemic amongst our youth ages 5-17, this shirt totally speaks the cold, hard truth. Fags instead of four square.

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It looks a lot like the Christian fish on the back of cars and on fancy leather Bible covers, but if you wear this shirt, it’s only because you support our finned friends, not the goofy religion. Bonus points if you were a hardcore Christian for at least a decade of your life, and you wear this in a gathering of your old church chums.

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The Hangover was a great and inspirational movie that lifted the spirits of a nation with its message of hope and the eternal triumph of positive thinking. Oh wait, that was the Secret…Anyways…very inspriational one man wolf pack speech is forever immortalized worn on your chest, hung in your closet, crumpled in your hamper, folded in your drawer, stuffed in the mouth of your kid brother. Wherever, it is immortal.

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