December 2009

Shop Review: Nerdy Shirts

by on December 15, 2009


Nerdy Shirts has stepped up their game…BIG TIME! New site. New models. New funny tshirts. I cannot ignore them any longer. They offer free returns, so if it doesn’t fit you must acquit…I mean return it and get a size that does.

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Attention Whore T-Shirt

by on December 12, 2009

attention-whore-t-shirtI like a girl or guy that’s very upfront with their little foibles. If you have just come to grips with the fact that you NEEEEEEEED attention at all times. That you have to BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the center of attention at every social gathering, then you very damn well better be ready to admit it. Confess it to your friends, family, and acquaintances and let them know you acknowledge the essence of your true self.

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Zombies Hate Fast Food Tee

by on December 12, 2009

zombies-hate-fast-food-teeDude is turning on the jets. And wouldn’t you if you had the undead all up and after your brains and shit. This guy has classic running form wrist bands and a hyper coordinated color scheme…all of which gives him the supreme confidence to out run these zombies, who are sort of in bad shape.

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Finders Keepers T Shirt

by on December 12, 2009

finders-keepers-teeManifest destiny keeps on rolling. We put our minds to it and got our men to the moon. We found. We keep. United States of America and Puerto Rico and the Moon. 48 contiguous states. Hawaii. Alaska. And the Moon.

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Busted Tees Holiday Sale

by on December 9, 2009


Here’s a very cute holiday sale idea, where you can score a sweet deal on a very fine Busted Tees Tshirt. You see good old Kris Kringle is unveiling one shirt a day from the Busted Tees catalog that will be on sale for the ridiculously low price of $11.

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Shop Review: Busted Tees

by on December 9, 2009

Busted Tees has to be in the conversation, when you’re talking about the finest funny tee shirts on the Web – and I know you do on a daily basis.

That just have a tremendous combination of nerdy, absurd, and pop culture zeitgeist capture, that you just have to be impressed with the wide selection. And you know when you’re buying a Busted Tees Tshirt, you’re getting the highest quality, because they print on American Apparel, which is made exclusively in the United States.

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Hey, this is a great deal on some of the best shirts on the ‘Net. Get into the holiday mood…and fast. Snorg Tees ’tis the season sale – 15% off everything – ends Friday December 11, 2009. Hurry up and get some festivity in your life already.

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Shop Review: Snorg Tees

by on December 7, 2009


Snorg Tees is a little outfit from Atlanta, specializing in funny t shirts covering a range of topics including, super random, pop culture, geek culture, TV/movie quotes, wordplay, and, of course, zombies.

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i-didnt-buy-this-shirt-because-it-says-fuck-on-it-i-bought-it-because-it-says-fuck-on-it-twice-tshirtSometimes the best things in life come in twos. A life changing bowel movement (#2), Havaianas flip flops. Conjoined twins. Wings. Boobs. And last but not least…The word “fuck” on a shirt twice. Bonus points for having two sentences on one shirt.

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threadless-9-dollar-tees-holiday-saleThreadless keeps coming up with the holiday cheer and tomorrow is no exception. On December 6, 2009 starting at 10 AM Central Time U.S., Threadless will be offering the entire collection of awesome shirts for only $9 each.

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i-bring-nothing-to-the-table-tshirtYou know it’s a fine line between being honest with yourself and being to negative to visualize success. Of course, if bringing something to the table is not your definition of success, saying that you bring nothing to the table, pretty much is a simple statement of fact, and you don’t have to get all Norman Vincent Peale on it.

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voted-most-likely-to-travel-back-in-time-class-of-2057-tshirtThis took me a while to figure out, because I’m really, really slow. I was voted most likely to Epic Fail Class of 1988. And, I’m doing a very good job of it…makin’ my alma mater proud. Anyways, this shirt is a pure unadulterated goof, just like I like ’em.

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