May 2009

im-on-a-boat-tshirtYou absolutely know you’ve arrived when you’re on a yacht meandering around various glamorous bodies of water. Now, if there’s a rapper dude with dreads and a stove pipe hat with you, then you’ve absolutely taken it to the next level. [check out the I’m on a boat vid]

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judont-no-who-youre-messing-with-tshirtWhen you have martial arts skills, sometimes you need to give people clues on this, because really, who wants to be messing people up all the time. Diplomacy is often the best policy, so if you Judo with the best of them, but want to save some of the messy casualties and probably a ripped pair of slacks or two, just tell the potential annoyances what’s up from the get go.

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finkle5-tshirtJust make the field goal and none of this happens. Dolphins win the Super Bowl, Finkle remains the place kicker for Miami, the mascot doesn’t get stolen and Jim Carrey’s film career dies before we have to witness him try to go all dramatic on us. He probably also doesn’t end up marrying Jenny McCarthey. If only Finkle makes the field goal.

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most-deadly-tshirtIf you have to ask you’ll never know. Wear this shirt and you’ll get the knowing nods, the smiles, the winks from your brethren and, of course, the ignorant will scratch their heads and may be slightly scared, because, well, your shirt says Most Deadly.

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pimpin-aint-easy-in-a-recession-tshirtYou know the hustle and flow. Pimpin’ ain’t easy. And it especially ain’t easy in a recession. Guys don’t have that disposable income or walkin’ around for a blow job money they stuffed their pockets with before this recession/depression hit.

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beer-pong-hero-tshirtMan you gotta let it loose on the weekend. After a tough week of downloading Smog records on the fastest torrent. Keeping everybody up-to-date on every hottie you see on campus via twitter and delivering hoagie sandwiches every evening, your tired and ready to get your drink on.

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run-r2-tshirtCover their ears. Cover those kids’ ears. R2’s droppin’ profanity like NWA in their prime.

R2D2 is in a world of trouble and his golden pal C3PO is nowhere to be seen. Typical protocol droid bullshit. Thankfully, R2’s got some good karma and leads a charmed life. So, this big beastie doesn’t touch him and he ends up doing his part for the rebellion against the empire.

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kim-jong-il-facebook-tshirtKim Jong-il joined the axis of evil group on Facebook. It’s good to know. It’s good to keep daily tabs on friends and loved ones. Being a friend of Kim is always especially cool, because he drops little hints of his wild and cool life. Shark tanks, cinema directing, nuclear warhead tests, and attending important functions in drag.

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i-am-mclovin-tshirtJust wearing this tshirt gets you so far in life. There are those A personalities striving so hard. Going to medical school, taking monster class loads, working 80+ hours a week, cleaning out the toaster after every use. Then there are those the work smarter not harder, by purchasing the I am McLovin tee, wearing it and garnering all the adulation and bennies that comes with such a wise, prudent and brilliant fashion decision.

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i-shot-the-deputy-tshirtIf you’re hanging with Bobby Marley and he’s hookin’ you up with all the ganja you could ever want. And the vibe is chill. The water warm. The sun shining. You need to accept that if shit goes down you need to take your share of the blame.

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thats-what-she-said-tshirtThe all purpose line of hilarity. Admit it. You can’t get enough of the That’s What She Said jokes. In fact, it’s the only reason you watch The Office. The ultimate is when you can get your Mom or Gramma to join in the fun during family gatherings, especially sacred times such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween.

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Bolo Tie T Shirt

by on May 11, 2009

bolo-tie-tshirtThis is a very classy tshirt. The bolo tie is appropriate for any formal occasion. The bolo tie on a tshirt is very appropriate for any formal occasion and for any gathering if you get right down to it.

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