January 2009

smile-not-wearing-undies-tshirtYou should always really just cut to the chase. Don’t beat around the bush. Obfuscate. Hem and Haw. Just say/ask what you mean. If you really want to know what undergarments the person you’re talking to is wearing or not wearing, simply ask point blank.

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volts-to-spare3Dr. Frankenstein tryin’ to get to the store for some margarita mix, ‘cuz he’s got a hot date coming over and all of a sudden the old jalopy (his unique monster building skillz ain’t paying the billz) ain’t starting. Damn!!!!

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I Love Boombox T Shirt

by on January 25, 2009

i-love-boombox-tshirtPaying homage to the electronical gear that came before. Standing on the shoulders of the giants. Celebrating the old and musty cultural used-to-be zeitgeist.

Bring on the NOIZE with this bad boom box, ghetto blaster. On the shoulder, in the ear, Eazy-E comin’ through shakin’ my aviator shades. Booyah.

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brewdini-tshirtWhat a silly, silly tshirt and yet it appeals to me. I think it’s the guys outfit. Flowing scarf, crisp jacket, white blowse and an absolutely stunning top hat. Brewdini has it going on and his magic is strong. Plus, he takes his imbibing absolutely serious…you can see it in his grip.

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This is good times. The final round of the Bestee Awards People’s Choice. They’re down to the top 20 tshirts of 2008. Make your voice heard on the best of Threadless offerings from last year. There are some very nice shirts in this list. I think I’m voting for Fail Tee.

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cupcake-multivitamin-tshirtThis is a funny tshirt. You want the well-rounded breakfast. It’s the first meal of the day. It sets the tone. It gets you set up to really power through a totally productive day. Plus, it’s totally tasty and quick, as long as you’re planning ahead and making the cupcakes in large batches.

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zombie-day-at-the-mall-tshirtIn this economy, you never know what’s going to happen when you hit the mall. It very well could be zombie day as half the retailers shut their doors and 75% of the visitors are unemployed and looking a little peaked.

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head-hoodsFirst, I know these aren’t tshirts, but they are funny and they are worn above the waist, so I figured meeting 2 out of 3 criteria for qualifying for a Tshirt Groove post was good enough in this select instance.

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practice-random-acts-of-awesome-tshirtWords to live by right here. If everybody took the time to live by this code, there would be no strife, no struggle and no modern R&B. Life would be…well…awesome.

Remind your friends and neighbors to take it to the next level, to not be calculated but to go with the flow by wearing the tshirt that says it all:

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wifey-tshirtHey, nothing warms the heart like sitting in your office thinking about how the little missus is keeping the house in order, while you shake out the skills to pay the bills. Such an old fashioned dynamic that deserves at least a passing consideration.

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i-pull-out-tshirtLet me say this right now. I’m not braggin’ about this. I’ve been on the passing end of a conception reception a couple-three times with this brilliant birth control method, so if this is your big plan to avoid becoming big daddy, you may want to take a moment and weigh the pros and cons.

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im-kind-of-a-big-deal-tshirt_large This tshirt is universally adored, just like Ron Burgundy’s mustache, so it must have its own post on Tshirt Groove. It’s a classic…in fact I think it was the first funny t shirt ever put on the market. How about that for some interesting e-commerce tid bits.

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