December 2008

I can never keep these little cavely wonders straight, and I’m sure you can’t either unless you’re some kind of superhero geologist. Thank god someone thought to put the up and down formations on a shirt announcing who they are.

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Threadless stubbornly refuses to become uncool. In other words, they just keep making this holiday tshirt season wickedly, merrily awesome. Now, if you can believe it, they are offering free shipping for orders over $50. This is on top of tons of deals, including $15, $10 and even $5 tees.

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This is God’s honest truth. I was just at Cempazuchi on Brady St. on the eastside of Milwaukee and couldn’t of had a more boring looking plate. A white flour wrapper with a squiggly line of sour cream drizzled on top. But, looks are not why you order a tinga burrito in the best Mexican food restaurant in Milwaukee. You order it for the taste and to fill you up.

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Little known disease outside of the mathematician world. Alcoholism mixed with deriving = mathaholderitivism. Very serious issue that comes with the pressures and making numbers make sense. Plus, you have all those socially inept geniuses with their noses in their numbers all day every day, and they don’t get out much and things becoming imbalanced and you see a lot of this.
Again not as well publicized as other much reported issues like botanists, alcohol and watching Jeopardy, or the agronomists with their whiskey and spelt flour and the like, but just as devastating for the friends and families.
Please spread the word. Help people help themselves. Buy and wear Never Drink and Derive tshirt.

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Bromance tshirt

by on December 6, 2008

There’s no better way to describe the manly love that inevitably arises between men in the sporting context. I imagine it’s the same on the battlefield, and it manifests itself in the chest bump, low five, high five, the butt slap, and the composition of sweet little reminders of how much the other person means (on cute flowery stationary).

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Daily affirmations are big time helpful for achieving your goals, becoming the person you want to be and improving your outlook on life. Want to get out of the caustic, negative, sarcastic rut? Get yourself a tshirt that says something nice about you. Oh, and get a full length mirror that you can look in about 764 times a day just to keep the good times rolling.

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Fitness ain’t a joke. It’s serious bidness and the more honest you can be with yourself as you’re doing your seated curls, the better results you’re going to get.

This particular sentiment is basically the recipe for a totally balanced life. Exercise hard, drink hard and do drugs hard. Then sleep for 36 hours at a time. Basically, that’s as good as it gets on this mortal coil. Why don’t you tell the world what you’re going to do. Why don’t you get some accountability with your new resolution. Why don’t you get the My resolution is to get healthier while still destroying myself with alcohol and drugs tshirt.

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SILF tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

What more can you say? That’s a good lookin’ sandwich. I’m a good lookin’ guy. Let’s get it on. Sandwich I’d Like to Fuck, just like they say in that funny teen romp flick, American Sandwich.

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Ante Christ Tshirt

by on December 3, 2008

Christ looks a little bummed, like he’s on a losing streak and he’s not paying attention or simply just taking to long to drop his ante in the pot. I wonder if he thought coming in, there was no way he was going to lose because, well, he’s the son of god, but as he got into the game, he realized he didn’t have any special poker powers. So, he’s totally relying on his human side to play and it’s just not getting him anywhere.

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There’s nothing more sinister than an innocent looking kid cheating at dreidel. I mean you have to be a pretty sophisticated grifter to successfully cheat at the spinning top game, which means there are well-funded, state-of-the-art dreidel cheating cartels out there. And, that, my friends, is very scary.

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Royal party dude. It’s good to be King. The humor is in the details. One, top king is giving the devil rocks sign. Two, the beer is labeled XXX, which is what a lot of unnamed liquor is called, but it’s still funny. Oh, and I guess the fact that the King of Spades split personality is hooking it up with the instant buzz is kinda hilarious as well.

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