December 2008

bank-robbers-never-get-cold-tshirtAs you stand on the precipice of a new year, reflecting on the ups and downs of 2008, and perhaps resolving to improve in some area in 2009, don’t ever forget this truism, which will carry you through thick and thin.

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Anthill Trap Tshirt

by on December 29, 2008

anthill-trap-tshirtSome serious planning went in to this rouse by the anteater. I mean the believable sign, the digging where spy ants couldn’t see you, coordination with a anteater friend to cover you up except for the vaccuum hose mouth. It’s a beautiful thing when a plan comes together and this one is just about ready to pay off.

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jesus-loves-this-guy-tshirtIt’s good for people to know where you stand with the son of God. And, if indeed, Jesus does love you, it’s not only good to wear this shirt, it’s imperative. So, call up Jesus on the heart hotline and get the skinny on how much Jesus loves you. If the Christ loves you, then you need to…

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dry-humpAs a woman, you know you’re in for an exquisite time when the man you’re with says this and then guns the motor on the boat. It’s such a sexy, romantic and enticing offer I can’t imagine how any woman could resist.

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captain-bellyflop-strikes-again-tshirtOh my god! Is anyone safe. Captain Bellyflop jumps on the an unsuspecting innocent, who has simply reclined for a moment of relaxation. Imagine the horror of big, fat, bearded belly flop coming out of NOWHERE to smash you down.

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Hypotamoose Tshirt

by on December 26, 2008

hypotamoose-tshirtStraight from the wiki wiki whackopedia: A hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle, the side opposite the right angle.

Thus, a hypotamoose is the moose on the opposite of the right angle on the longest side of the right triangle. So, really the deal is whenever you mix moose and math you have a very high level piece of tshirt humor. What’s not to love about that marvelous combo.

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Merry Christmas!

Spend the time with family and friends. Laugh a lot. Eat a lot. Rub your belly a lot. And celebrate the youthful spirit. After you return all those horrid items from your out of touch aunts, uncles, grandparents, coworkers and parents, take that cash and spend it well…meaning buy the Don’t Stop Believin’ tshirt and where it every Holiday season for the rest of your life.

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Talk about a naughty Santa Claus tshirt. But I guess if you’re going to develop the type of free labor you need to make the North Pole enterprise feasible, you need to produce a ton o’ elves with Mrs. Claus. See the thing is the result of Mr. And Mrs. Claus’ conjugation was always diminutive people. Just a strange thing that always happened. Anyway, that workforce development has nothing to do with what’s going on here.

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Happy Festivus!

You’ve seen the Seinfeld episode “The Strike.” You’ve read the Daniel O’Keefe’s book The Real Festivus. And you know that Festivus is America’s favorite made up holiday and that it is celebrated on December 23.

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X-Mas Tshirt

by on December 22, 2008

x-mas-tshirtThis is what Santa looks like taking the festivity to New Orleans. Beads because he’s been showing things. Pacifier, because you have to let loose the inner baby, and the put your hands in the air like you don’t care party stance.

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Jelly Fish Balloons Tshirt

by on December 21, 2008

jelly-fish-balloons-tshirtThis tshirt offers double goodness. Funniness and a very eye-pleasing design. I’ve always been scared of jellyfish, since I was a kid and my friend was knocked out of ocean commission by a sting.

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photo-finish-whats-first-chicken-eggIt’s still inconclusive, which came first. You’d think with all this modern electronic equipment we could finally get to the bottom of this age old puzzler. But no…still can’t really tell, though the chicken does look a little further along, but that may because the chicken has that goofy head bob run and if the pic had been snapped a nanosecond early we may have seen the egg touching the line and the fowl on the back swing.

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