November 2008

Happy Election Day!!

Get out there and vote. Even if you have to do a write in candidate like Cartman or some shit you should get out there to the polling place and exert your democratic right and duty. Plus, if you prefer one candidate over another this voting this actually helps boost your preference in the final count, unless, of course, there are voting machine malfunctions, like when George Bush is in the running.

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Looks like Jesus is very proud of the two couples he’s hanging with up in the heavenly clouds. Not sure exactly how to discuss a shirt like this without being blasphemous and condemning myself to hell.

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I have a little English in me and guess what. I have the gap, as did my dad and sisters. Of course, they all got braces and I didn’t. So, I’m keepin’ it real with the gap and the roller coaster molars. Isn’t it strange how different people are known for different body characteristics?

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There’s been a controversy about a similarly named shirt that depicted a guy pushing a girl off a cliff or something. This one that depicts blatant cheating is much more socially acceptable. Plus, it’s funny in its own right…I mean I’m not saying pushing girls off cliffs is funny…just that getting so f*in frustrated at a Rubix cube because you can only ever get one side all one color, that you go out to the nearest art supply store, drop 20 bucks on brush, paint and probably a couple of other miscellaneous supplies I’m not thinking about, and paint the cube sides so that it looks like you “solved” it.

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