October 2008

When it comes right down to it, I’m very uncomfortable when I’m not Wired into the Web. The online world could woosh right on by as I’m doing something stupid like petting a dolphin, hanging out with my kids, suffering through a bowel movement, bicycling on a nature trail or weeding in the garden.

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Oops. Try to immortalize your moment in the sun 16 years ago and all you end up with is eeg on your face. People mumbling dumb ass, when really, you’re way smarter than them ‘cuz you can spell pithikosophobia.

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Hoboerotic T shirt

by on October 6, 2008

This looks like a very interesting tshirt sales concept. If you have designs this looks like a great alternative to Threadless or entering design contests with the big players.

Basically, people can check out your design and if they like it they can basically invest in the shirt, which entitles them to one shirt plus shipping and a cut of future sales. Pretty interesting concept. I’m going to keep my eyes on these folks.

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Often I think that specialization has run amok. Phd’s for studying fowl>chickens>bantam>feces, instead of getting the broad picture, we’ve got researchers so deep into their minutiae they can’t make a connection outside their own chicken shit studies and their work becomes futile, because there are no broader applications other than very detailed wikipedia entries.

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I always assumed competitive swimming and shopping at Whole Foods were the whitest thing imaginable, but I suppose a group ski trip does top the charts. All huddled up in arctic conditions, riding the lift in preparation of going down a snow packed mountain as fast as you can on two little sticks. It’s a white thang.

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When it comes time to get adventurous on a Saturday night, and you know what I mean by adventurous, then you absolutely need to wear this shirt. You will not believe how stating exactly what you want in no uncertain terms attracts just the right type of attention you are looking for.

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Absolutely. You have the naysayers that just don’t understand your brilliance. Then you have the image search that brings up mostly unflattering pics and, of course, the two embarrassing nude modeling shoots you agreed to do when you were young, stupid and broke.

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The second day in a row of male pattern baldness. That shows you how important this hairdo is in our culture. Nonetheless, this guy is facetiously saying “sorry”, when he really means, “Eff you, I’m going to smoke this cigar, wear this mustache and leisure suit and play with gerbils and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”

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