August 2008

dont-tase-me-bro-tshirt-modelPart of the zeitgeist. Funny in a sad way. Police brutality is never real cool, but telling an inept group of campus cops, “Don’t tase me, bro!” is instant classic. Give the dude his props for standing up, speaking his mind and bringing issues out into the open.

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i-love-love-love-polygamy-modelCelebrate the compounds, rural love farms, the Mormon tabernacle choir and Utah with this heartalicious shirt.

Not sure how any man can handle three wives, unless there’s this thing where the emotional and communication demands are all but eliminated because that all goes down in the women’s circle. If that’s the case, then it starts to make a little more sense.

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George Bush and a chimp separated at birth. Actually, they were conjoined Siamese twins. Barbara and George Sr. have kept the whereabouts of the chimp under wraps all this time. Paparazzi…thank god for the paparazzi, snapped these candid shots so the truth is now beginning to trickle out.

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It’s brutally honest and hits way too close to home, but truth spares no one. Plus, my mom reads my blog a lot…all the time…right Mom? Mom…?

Anyway, wear this and let all those electronic journal wankers tellin’ the cyber world about clippin’ their nails, eatin’ snap doodle pops and gettin’ all emotional about their latest Internet dating break up, that no one cares about their blog!

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Pan Flute Hero T Shirt

by on August 10, 2008

If you’re keeping the spirit of the Pan flute alive by playing it, then no matter your skill level, you are a Pan Flute Hero. No doubt. If you do a little jig when you play the pan flute, then well, you’re a pan flute god…unfortunately, that shirt isn’t currently available.

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Alright. This shirt is just too cute to ignore. It makes you smile, so it’s in the “made a little funny” category. And what about that faux vintage wear. That makes this gem all the more loveable. Plus, don’t ever under estimate the funny power of mutual admiration between wood and stone. It’s elemental.

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Previously on Tshirt Groove Funny Tshirts of the Day blog, we discussed the athletic prowess of Jesus. Today, let’s discuss Jesus’ fiscal responsibility. Basically, as it says in Galatians, he was a 50-50 guy. Whatever money you make 50 percent goes into the piggy bank and 50 percent goes to sinful pleasures…I mean food, shelter, water, clothing – you know the necessities.

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That’s Shady T Shirt

by on August 7, 2008

Did you know that I believe the children are our future and as such, I totally want to share with the world this very important message tshirt. Fathers and mothers keep your sons and daughters on the straight and narrow. Peel them away from there iPods and game consoles just long enough to get ’em into the real world, so that you can advise them on what’s cool and what’s shady.

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I Am Here T Shirt

by on August 6, 2008

Bustin’ out the map of me! I am here. Forget Wee Willie Winkie and the children for a second. Where are you? No really, where are you? David Byrne asked “How did I get here?” and that’s a good question, but even better is “Where am I?”

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Keytar Hero T Shirt

by on August 5, 2008

Ever since being in the band became the new being a jock, band geek shirts are all the rage. Keytar Hero is my favorite because there’s really no better instrument in the world.

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Hugs and Drugs T Shirt

by on August 4, 2008

Enough of the other. Enough of polarization. Enough of us versus them. Enough of dichotomy. Bring on the universal mind. The one. Unison. Hugs and drugs, baby. I want it all. The glicken. The ice cream, the sundae, the cherry on top and no weight gain. Bring it.

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Jesus Saves Hockey Goalie Tshirt

This is kind of glossed over in the Bible, but Jesus was quite the multi-sport athlete. Bo knows nuthin’. Jesus Knows goalie in both soccer and hockey. Jesus Saves. He also was able to transfer those skills to lacrosse and team handball.

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