June 2008

Battery Vacation w/ boombox TshirtBatteries taking a day off. Beautiful. What better thing to celebrate on a tshirt than the salt of the earth, hard working folks (and batteries), kicking up their feet and enjoying a day off from work. Two things take this to the next level. One, they have the boom box plugged in. It’s like the workers, sipping umbrella drinks, turning the tables on factory management and watching them put in a grueling eight or nine or 10 or whatever. Two, these two chill batteries ain’t even thinking about it. Work is a distant half tone, while they relax in vivid, shiny clarity.

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South Korea\'s Got Seoul TshirtWhen you’re talking about soulful countries, South Korea isn’t the first that comes to mind, but when you think about it, they should be at the top of everybody’s list. South Korea’s got Seoul. No doubt. So,  as Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band would say: “Express Yourself.” oouh. And wear this one loud and proud.

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Employee of the Month TshirtI’m getting five of these gems and wearing them to work everyday. It’s my new uniform. Just think of all the fun times this funny shirt generates.

Jealousy: How does he rate as employee of the month? He never does anything and never speaks at meetings.

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Evil Smores T Shirt

by on June 27, 2008

Smores TshirtDoesn’t really make a lick of sense but the art is so hilarious this is definitely my favorite funny t shirt right now. Look at that loveable and a little slow graham cracker. You can tell he’s kind of just following along doing whatever chocolate bar tells him. Now, choco is pretty sophisticated with that pencil mustache and perfect teeth. And poor old marshy. He’s running for his soft, spongy life.

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Sperm: F1rst T Shirt

by on June 23, 2008

F1RST! Tshirt SpermThat sperm totally pwned the rest of them slackers. You wonder how long the testosterone was flying around the room as they tensely waited for the big race. Probably some icy stares. Eye rolling. Sperm smack talk. But, when the 2 minute warning buzzer went off…game time.

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I am tardy in telling you about the killer Midnight Madness sale going on at Busted Tees today. Only a few hours left – not sure if that’s midnight West Coast or midnight East Coast – nevertheless you need to HURRY! Sorry about not telling you sooner, but if you’ve had your heart set on a Busted Tee, this is the time, because normally they’re $18 or $19.

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Jesus Loves You TshirtIn homage to two great icons: Jesus and John Cusack’s immortal pose in Say Anything. If I was a chick and Jesus was doing this outside my window with the halo and the boom box playin’ our song, I think I’d pretty much be smitten. Actually, I’m a guy and that would be enough to sway me to invite him into my heart forever.

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Maybe we wouldn\'t have so many drunken astronauts if all these computers didn\'t have spacebars TshirtLamest joke to make it on a tshirt in a long time. Good for torso pants for keeping the hopes of millions of lame-ass joke telling uncles. I’m going to repeat what they have on this shirt because I can’t quite believe it: Maybe we wouldn’t have so many Druken Astronauts if all these computers didn’t have Spacebars.

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Stay Classy California TshirtThis is a very important message from Ron Burgundy. When you get pulled every which way but loose, and heaven-forbid start to go down that road where classy doesn’t live, pull this tshirt out of the drawer and remind yourself. Talk about positive affirmations. Talk about willing yourself to a better life. Simply wearing this shirt does half the work for you.

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Wash hands, push button, receive bacon tshirtThree steps to bacon. This is a pretty cool sequence because bacon is delicious and it never hurts to have very clean hands. The only issue I have right now. The only thing to cause me pause in purchasing this instant bacon machine is the hot bacon on bare hands. Shouldn’t these instructions be calling for a plate or some oven mits or something. Because sizzlin’ bacon burns baby and that kind of pain will even ruin a perfect bacon moment. Slight concern, but I believe in full disclosure.

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[adrotate banner=”59″]Seriously. If you want a convo starter there is nothing more effective than this. Can you say icebreaker? Come on. Who is going to pass up a chance to ask you about your explosive diarrhea? If they take a pass on this, you didn’t really need to network with them in the first place. This leads me to my next point. As a time saver, you need to separate the peeps you want to meet from the wholesome folks that will bore you to tears. It’s all about automating processes and this shirt does so much work for you that you absolutely must get it. It pays for itself the first time you wear it in public.

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Unicorn: lucky teeAs it says in the good book, thou shalt not covet they neighbors wings. In the unicorn’s defense that flying stuff is pretty cool and a winged horse is lucky indeed. Of course, if the unicorn takes a step back and realizes all that he has: mystical powers to turn spring water into Gatorade, the finest oragami skills, etc., then, unicorn can be content.

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