May 2008

Plastic-ware family teeThe great comedic conundrum finally solved. How to properly get the spork phenomenon on a tshirt? And I don’t mean just plastering a spork on a tshirt and calling it a day. This was an issue that required a sophisticated touch, and the folks at Nerdy Shirts broke the code. They killed it. A happy plastic-ware family portrait including a brood of four sporks.

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Volunteering: It Doesn\'t Pay TshirtComing through with the unexpected. I felt almost blindsided with this one. Yeah, sure volunteering is good, tell me a little more and all of a sudden…It doesn’t pay. Which is so literally true, yet a catalyst for many heated discussions with your hand-wringing liberal friends. Plus, you have to love the crossing guard vest and the hairdo and the love and protection directed at each and everyone of the kids, despite their obvious feelings of superiority.

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Land Seahorse Tee-ShirtI took a writing class at Community College and they said to write concisely. Get to the point. Say what has to be said in the least amount of words. Hemingway crashed a plane into a mountain searching for perfect brevity. He’d still be alive today had this tshirt been around in his more trying times.

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Ludafish TshirtOdd fish. Fish with a fro. Fish with bling. Rapper with fish body. This is one strange tee and I love it because of it. It also reminds me of Mike Tyson’s brilliant word: ludacrisp, which probably should be a tshirt in its own right. Actually, it probably is. Let me go check.

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Snorg Tees

by on May 27, 2008

Note: This listing is out of date. Check out the latest Snorg Tees Review.

Pop-culture inspired tshirt humor at its finest.

Snorg Tees offerings are very whimsical. Cute. Funny. Full of joy. You’re going to have a good day when you put on one of these. Plus, they print these sweet designs on American Apparel tshirts: the company that manufacturers all their clothing in Los Angeles and pays their factory workers a living wage – no sweatshops!

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Metro Gnome T Shirt

by on May 26, 2008

Metro-Gnome TeeshirtI almost typed Happy Memorial Day, but that isn’t very appropriate. How about a more subdued…hope you had a nice three-day weekend. Enjoy the Tshirt of the Day.

The play on words, or double entendre, or whatever you want to call it, is delicious. He’s whistling in perfect time with his white boots on, going to buy some product on the Avenue. Clutchin’ the man purse. And the bright pink polo with the collar up is simply the perfect touch on this always on-time and in tune metrosexual gnome. He wouldn’t even stand in your yard for a minute, unless it was properly (read: meticulously) manicured.

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Shut your mouth when you\'re talking to me tshirtThe words make lips. The message is strong and it’s only available in women’s sizes. Talk about suffragette city, this speaks volumes (no pun intended) about how much power the lovely ladies in our lives have. Shut your mouth when you’re talking to me. Love it.

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Fork is shocked. Plate and spoon in bed tshirt.Oh, man that’s painful to see. The dish ran away with a very, very smug spoon. Fork is in shock. He was so excited to arrive at dish’s place with the heart-shaped headboard. Doing everything textbook. Box of chocolates, bouquet of roses and extra curling wax on the mustache. And what happens? He walks in on this – the afterglow. But, you know what? Dish doesn’t deserve fork. Fork will land on his feet, no doubt. He’s a standup guy. Dish and spoon truly deserve each other – they are the low of the low. Still, this just hurts to witness.

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Quick heads up: Busted Tees is offering free shipping on all orders throughout the Memorial Day weekend. If you’ve always wanted one of those brilliant Busted Tees, this is the perfect time to go for it.

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I do all my own stunts tshirtLiving the life of extreme. Adrenaline. On the razor’s edge. When you wear “I Do All My Own Stunts” tshirt everybody around you will know you’re THE REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and the opposite sex will be irrepressibly attracted to you. It’s that whole devil-may-care, adventuresome attitude that always packs on the sex appeal. And the effect is 342% stronger, when they see you’ve survived some of the scary moments, like that time when your ass was on fire and the flames rode up your spine and ended up singeing the back of your hair, which ruined an exquisite perm mullet you had spent over 15 months crafting and smelled like that traveling petting zoo in the mall parking lot in Stillwater. Hard core!

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Prague Czech it Out TeeI simply love the play on words here. Sometimes you need the humor, simple, straightforward and strong. I’d wear this with pride. Wouldn’t you? Plus, Prague is definitely on my list of places to see.

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Greece Lightning Teeshirt

You may wonder why this made it. Well, actually, it should be pretty obvious. Tshirt of the day rule #1 here at tshirt groove is “Any tshirt with a beard is a prime candidate to be duly honored.”

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