April 2008

Tshirt hell: Only You can prevent forest firesThe rest of the story from Smoky the Bear. Life as a cartoon celebrity is incredibly busy. No really, I’m as eco-green-treehugger as the next person, but this setup and massive funny punch gets me every time. It really just gets to the heart of the environmental awareness, where we know what’s going on, but no way do we have any time to do anything about it. I think this is one of the funniest tshirts around (not sure SoCal folks would like it much though).

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Attack of the mole people tshirtThis dude is playing a terrific game of whack-a-mole. I don’t think he knows what he’s in for. Probably had no idea the karmic debt he was ringin’ up, just “havin’ a little fun” at the expense of these “harmless” little moles.

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Fuente de Soda

Photo & Tshirt Design by Supersentido

The soul essence of ketchup and mustard. You really can’t beat a red, yellow and brown tee-shirt. This supersentido, from Chile, can really put together sublime designs. This is the second one that qualifies for tshirt of the day fame.

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George Bush Calls Out Hippies Tee

This is tip top on the funny scale for me. That’s one smug-mother-president rubbing his ineptness in the faces of tree huggers everywhere. Peace out 2008!

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Problem Solved

Photo by badjonni

Thumbs up on concise graphical humor. I hope my old lady doesn’t happen upon this post celebrating this sort of “anti-getting yelled at” humor. She’ll probably throw my headphones away.

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What Would Tom Waits Do? Smoke, Drink, Sing About Dirty Streets, I think.

Photo by Hryckowian

Excellent question. You think if you start asking yourself this question on a daily basis, your quality of life index doesn’t shoot up at least 7 and a half points. I’d almost guarantee it. Tom Waits is still cranking out great music, thus, this is a great teeshirt. Oh, and it’s Big in Japan!

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Red Scare Flair: McCarthy Rolls

It’s a grabber. Fidel with the high toast. Party hats askew on Stalin and Lenin. Mao playing it low key. And Marx off the hook…a party animal. This t shirt is sublimely funny.

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christian soldiers

Photo by grendelkhan

This is a terrific photo. Takin’ it to the street (or the amusement park) with the witnessing. They know they have big juevos wearing these christian t shirts in public. Why? Because they’re over-the-top rebels in their church circles and in day-to-day secular encounters they pretty much scream: “I’m hard core Christian.” Now go get some God. Hell, you’ll never know when you need some fire insurance.

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I love the thought of wearing this tee shirt the next time I’m late to work. It would totally diffuse any heat. Or how about when I’m late for a lunch date or a meeting. I’m keeping this baby with me at all times. How many times does it take before it loses effectiveness? I’m guessing after the 6th time I come waltzing in with a toothy grin, pointing at this baby, my boss ain’t laughing any more. I could be wrong. Just like most things in life, you have to have a bit of sophistication and pick your spots.

If you have some yen burning a hole in your pocket and live in Hong Kong, get the uniqlo version of this tshirt here.

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You Don’t Want to See This Tee, but it’s hard to look away. Gawker!

Oh the humanity. What a scene. That rookie fuzz can’t hang with that mess. That’s no joke jumping from the fourth floor. Another urban tragedy. You probably don’t want this shirt, but if you know what’s good for you and the community at large, you’ll buy it and support all the potential jumpers out there.

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This one may have even stumped MacGyver. Like his fatal flaw. The last show. Draw the curtain. Into the sunset. Craftiness can only take you so far. When you run out of butt wipe and there is not a magazine, the weekly newspaper, classified ads from the daily, baby wipes, paper towels, napkins or your shoe box of saved valentines from fourth grade, then you’re in a very bad way.

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tshirt viernes

Photo by matiasjajaja

First, orange is my favorite color.

Second, the ringer tee is always visually pleasing, especially the dark green and orange combo.

Third, Bensimon [clover pic] drink more beer is sweet artwork.

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