10 Percent of at T Shirt Hell Thru Nov. 28

by on November 26, 2010

In typical T Shirt Hell style, you can now take advantage of the “T-Shirt Hell’s ‘Only 10% Off? That Sucks!’ Christmas Sale” now through November 28. That’s right, you only have a couple days to save a miserably small amount on the entire T Shirt Hell catalog.

Actually, the other reason you need to go visit Satan’s favorite shirt shop is it’s the last chance to:

“Buy many of the styles, colors and sizes we currently offer.  This is your last chance to buy the following:

Men’s Hoodies, Men’s Long Sleeves, Men’s 3/4 Sleeve Jerseys
Women’s Spaghetti Straps, Women’s 3/4 Jerseys, Women’s Lightweight Hoodies, Women’s Boybeaters

We are also eliminating 30 color options from the remaining styles on the site (too many to list here) and we are eliminating sizes over 3XL on anything we offer, so you better buy those 4XL and 5XL now or lose some weight, fatass.”

So, once you get back from your early morning Black Friday deal grabbing, where you  saved $4 on that crockpot you don’t need, and 15% on that turquoise polyester scarf you’re giving your co-worker, then go ahead and do some old fashioned shopping for offensive t-shirts on the Internet…no lines, no fighting over that last Xmas bauble.

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